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Helping you achieve your BEST LIFE!

Over the past four years, I have been working this method. I am certified as a Master Coach to teach you. My life and countless others has been transformed for the better.  Whether you're looking to gain clarity on things, find your passion, find the love of your life, you name it...coaching may be for you! Read on to find out more!

Options for working together

Option 1:
1:1 Coaching with Transformation Bootcamp

Transformation BootcampTM is an in-depth 12-week coaching program designed to help you transform all areas of your life to reach next level results. Created by master life coach and best-selling author Sarah Centrella, this coaching is a holistic approach to creating a happy, successful, abundant, balanced life you’ll love, and IT WORKS!


In this coaching you will learn how to:

  • Identify exactly what you want in ALL AREAS of your life

  • Discover your purpose and passion

  • Change your thoughts and underlying beliefs to manifest the outcomes you want

  • Remove your blocks to manifesting and abundance

  • Effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Overcome doubt and fear

  • Create a clear and exciting vision for the future

  • Identify what makes you happy and brings you joy, then integrate it into your life

  • Create a plan for your new future vision with measurable benchmarks

  • How to take action towards your dreams on a consistent basis

  • How to get a manifesting mindset

  • How to effectively handle adversity and setbacks

  • How to build your confidence and create genuine self-belief

  • How to manifest anything you want including abundance, career, relationships, health, travel and

  • much more

  • And of course, how to make an official FutureboardTM

Transformation BootcampTM is right for you if...

  •        You're ready to uncover what you want and identify your dreams

    • You want to find your purpose and passion

    • You've identified your dreams but are not sure how to make them happen

    • You know you want "more," but aren't sure what that is

    • You want to remove of limiting beliefs

    • You are ready to identify and remove your blocks to money and worthiness

    • You want to change your mindset

    • You want tools to reduce anxiety, relieve stress and become a more positive person

    • You are ready to surround yourself with successful, like-minded people

    • You are a "Thinker" and need help seeing the big vision for your future

    • You are a "Dreamer" and need help executing on those dreams

      You want to manifest anything from career to the love of your life

    • You are ready to take charge of your life, learn to dream huge and get the tools and skills to make those dreams a reality!


Snag your 12 week One On One 

course now!

Holiday Destination
Indoor Fitness
Local Bakery

Here’s just some of what past Transformation BootcampTM clients have manifested using the Centrella Method:

   Here’s just some of what past Transformation BootcampTM clients have manifested using the Centrella Method:

  • Finding their purpose and passion

  • Dream Vacations

  • Starting businesses or growing their business

  • Unexpected financial windfalls

  • Their soulmate

  • New career opportunities

  • Career promotions and pay raises

  • Starting a family (getting pregnant)

  • New cars

  • Weight loss

  • Finishing degrees, getting professional certifications

  • Winning fitness competitions

  • Running marathons

  • Moving to their dream location

  • Home renovations

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Self-confidence

  • And much more!

Here's what clients say...


Toree F

"I am so grateful for you! The blessing you have been in my life this past year and a half is something I don't take lightly! The way you push, encourage and allow me to step into my light fills my heart with joy. I love you girl!"

-Ang K

"I want you to know you are an inspiration! So is your husband.  I have wanted to make a future board for years and finally did it last night and I have (for a long time) wanted to make changes in my life about drinking.  A month ago I did that too and your husband's story helped me do it.  I've listened to your stories and I appreciate your positivity, honesty and your unapologetic belief in God.  Thank you for being a bright spot in this crazy world!"


"Since my first conversation with Melissa, I have felt like I’ve known her my entire life. She has this amazing energy that puts you at ease and makes you feel that you are in a safe place full of love and appreciation and you cannot help but open up to her. Going through this course with her has been an adventure in learning about myself and she has been my passenger along for the ride, helping to dig out the snacks, pick the radio station, and giving advice and suggestions to decipher the map that is my future life. Using the HBR Method and the tools that are taught in the course, she has helped to give advice and feedback as I went through the homework, offering any help and clarification on the tools being taught and how to apply them to my life situations when I needed help along the way. Although she is your coach, she has been like that really good friend you love and adore and visit when you need that kick in the ass. That friend that wants to see you be a better version of yourself and will push you past where you think you can go, helping you to dig deeper and learn more about yourself to work towards your better self; always there to help and encourage you when you need it as you take the wheel of your life and learn how to drive that stick shift and get going down the road to an amazing future you are building. I’m excited to see where this road I’m on is going and grateful and appreciative to work with Melissa along the way as a mentor and coach and look forward to her guidance and wisdom in the future."

"I started doing my Pinterest photos for my futureboard based on the criteria you gave us, but then stopped to reflect seriously for a couple days on exactly what it is that I want out of life.  My board has already changed dramatically.  My husband and I have been having long discussions about this and he is into (weirdly enough) doing one of his own. I'm beyond excited to not only see where my board ends up, but how my vision for my life sorts itself out according to my future board.  Thank you so much for inspiring me!"

-Jennifer L

Cup of Coffee

Option 2:
Group Coaching

I love group coaching for many different reasons:

1.      Accountability! You will be part of a group of people focusing on becoming the best versions of themselves.  You will have great accountability in our group.

2.     Coaching you may not realize you need!  Have you ever been listening to someone perhaps on the radio or a podcast and think, "I went through the same thing!" Oftentimes in group coaching, you will be coached on things you may have not even recognize as something that we needed until that very moment.

3.     Lower entry-price point.  1:1 coaching is my favorite because we really get to dive deep, but I love group coaching too because it allows the person who can't commit to 1:1 pricing to still be able to do the work and receive benefits of their own!


#Futureboard Workshop

Option 3:
Create your dream life 

#Futureboards Workshop

My workshops are NOT magazine parties. We want to get specific when it comes to creating your dream life! Each person in attendance will want to have their laptop and a Pinterest account created prior to the event.


This is an interactive coaching workshop and team building event. My workshops can and will be semi-customized for your audience  but at the end of the day, I teach Sarah Centrella's method and process for creating #FutureBoards and manifesting. 

Part One:

Part Two:

I'll share all the secrets I've learned for creating a #FutureBoard that can change your life! 

this approach is very unique and it's PROVEN to work. 

We'll dig deep to discover what you want, what's been holding you back and begin to create your new life. 

Once you know the basics and we've done some foundational work, we'll walk through how to create your #FutureBoard. 

The hands-on portion of the workshop begins on Pinterest. You make your physical board at home.


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