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Everything you need to know!


My Story

 As a young lady, I had problems with my weight.  They started in middle school along with some autoimmune issues and reached all the way to my breaking point in 2010 when I reached 300 pounds.  I was a new mom and I knew that I needed to change my ways eventually.  It took YEARS of me living life uncomfortably to make that decision.


Now? I have lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years. I had excess skin removal surgery done after I lost my weight and I want to help YOU achieve your best life!


I’m the girl who’s tried all of the things. I hoped and prayed one of the diets I found was the big secret to getting skinny, but when it comes down to it…consistency and time along with the tips I’m going to share below are the ways I achieved a healthy life and believe you can too. As someone who struggled with binge eating, restricting certain foods or food groups was unhealthy for me.


I did wonderful on keto, until I tasted carbs again and then I couldn’t stop. I wanted to be able to enjoy pizza and brownies in moderation and without guilt. Slowly, I started to introduce all food groups back and while reverse dieting does cause some weight gain naturally, learning to heal my relationship with food was well worth it. I started to focus on incorporating all macros and tracking my food. I know, unsexy as hell, but watching my body gain strength and drop fat is well worth it. Every single day I focus on drinking a gallon of water, getting in some form of movement and hitting my protein. Anything above and beyond is a bonus.


I also make sure I am supplementing with high quality products. I take ketones everyday to fast track my results, but remember, you won’t get results without the work. There is no magic pill! I will admit, ketones have been the catalyst in this journey for me. I have some favorites and  I’ll make sure to share how you can get started with these products too.  I can’t wait to help you start this journey. You are given this one body in your life. Let’s take care of it! 

Trial Packs

A trial pack is a smaller quantity of ketones that you can customize and order from my trial website to test out different flavors, get your hands on some limited time flavors and to see what you think about the product.  I like to remind people that this is a tester pack and if you are looking for something that is going to provide you results, to order enough for a month on my main website (which you'll be able to find in the next section). 

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Ordering Recommendations

Every person is different based on their needs for these products, but as a general guideline I like to give people an idea of what a month supply typically looks like.  In order to get the best results from your ketones, I recommend taking 1-2 packets daily along with our electrolytes.  For this order, I'd recommend 2 boxes of our Nat Ketones and 1 box of mitoplex (electrolytes).  This is a standard first order.  My favorite part about ordering from the site is that we have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you're not in love, you can return what you have left, no questions asked and get a refund!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be keto?

You do not have to be on a ketogenic diet in order to receive the benefits of ketones.  Benefits include: Better Fat Loss, focus, mood, energy, appetite suppression, strength gain, skin, digestion and more whether you follow keto or not!


How do I take the products?

Ketones typically come in a powder form (packet) and are very simple to use!  Simply mix the packet into 12-20 oz of water, shake, drink and you are in a therapeutic state of ketosis within a matter of 59 minutes or less.  Our ketones have 8 patents and are the category king in the ketone space!


Can I get them discounted or free?

Yes and yes!  As a client or as a business partner, you can get 22% off your monthly order by simply having a smartship setup.  It's free to setup and there are no fees to change or cancel.  You can also earn products for free simply by helping 2 or more other people start ketones on smartship.  Want more details on how you can take advantage of either of these?  Shoot me a message!

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